Corporate Information

Our Responsibility

The Promagnum Corporation is governed while having a sincere corporate responsibility.  Everywhere we can demonstrate an ability to conduct business, our company is committed to making a recognized contribution to the community at large.  As a corporate entity, this means giving back to create a positive experience for individuals who reside where our business has an impact.  Good corporate citizenship is at the top of our agenda.

Under law, we are not required to contribute in any particular frequency.  However, this does not mean we place limits on how many possibilities we utilize.  Through any means possible, the Promagnum Corporation will exercise its best efforts at helping society reach peak efficiency.  Our exciting projects such as free web hosting allows us to make part of the contribution.  It enables the opportunity of web hosting for people who cannot afford purchasing such a service.

Our Legacy

For more then 5 years, our company has been privileged to serve the international community.  Our incorporation took place in 2001, marking new challenges for a business in reach of many great opportunities.  Since that event, we have worked around the clock to provide the best service and support possible in all areas of development.  We are proud to have become an image of continued success, and will continue to raise the bar for further achievements.

At the Promagnum Corporation, it is our vision is to provide professional/quality service and products to consumers for affordable prices, and to offer unique opportunities that have been developed through unmatched creativity.  To help serve this philosophy, it was essential to develop a somewhat relative company name.  The inspiring world of technology helped materialize the term "promagnum" based on its association with creativity and innovation.  Within this term lies a derivative idea; pro-imagination. ("Pro" being preserved from the term.)  "Pro-imagination" states our mission toward genuine creativity that bears no limit to the possibilities of success.  Additionally, "Magnum" is often defined as a weapon, which could also be thought as the smoking gun.  Therefore, the creativity (pro-imagination) within is a smoking gun to our success. ("Pro-magnum") ("Pro-[i]mag[ination]num")

Financial Information

Information for the previous fiscal year is unavailable at this time.  We have been undergoing the process of company restructuring.

Financial Aid & Affiliates

The ability of our company to grow has increased through the help of our partners.  Donations have also increased the spending budget for a variety of developments.

We would like to thank the courtesy of these companies:

Microsoft Corporation
CNET Networks
Real Networks


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