Promagnum Corporation Privacy Statement
The Promagnum Corporation is confident in all cases when it comes to protecting visitor information.  Our company's promise to users is that any information having the potential of being recorded during a visit, will in no way be shared with any other company or person.  It is the user's obligation and responsibility to acknowledge and accept such a condition.  Otherwise, an individual should stop using our website and online services immediately if they have an issue with our privacy policy and any of the terms outlined within it.  At will, Promagnum ensures the protection of all visitors, and will continue to uphold such a commitment.

How Promagnum Uses Visitor Information

In some situations our company will require that users provide specific information about themselves to access our services.  This information is collected to ensure the functionality and quality of our services.  We record how frequently users access our services and the way they use them.  Any statistical data collected is used for internal purposes only to discover ways of improving our services.
This privacy statement is subject to change without prior notice.

Promagnum Quality of Services Statement
At the Promagnum Corporation we believe that complete customer satisfaction should be the focus of our energies.  That is why we provide the necessary opportunities for customers to submit their feedback to ensure the maximum quality of all our products and services.  We guarantee that the workmanship involved with our products and services will be focused around customer needs and expectations to meet the highest level of value possible.

Important Information Regarding Online Services and Products
It has come to our attention the concerns customers have about spyware and adware used in several internet programs or services offered by other companies.  We do not facilitate the inclusion of spyware or adware of any type, with any of our products or services.  We believe that such an activity would jeopardize the rights of users to be unbothered by indecent marketing strategies.

This Quality of Services Statement is applicable for all our products and services.

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