Promagnum Corporate Applications 2004
Seamlessly work with top quality products available for users across corporate networks.  Also available for private use.  There are over 60 applications included that are guaranteed to boost everyday productivity.
Web Radio Professional  (Formerly known as XTreme Online Entertainment Pack)
Experience the ultimate online entertainment suite that allows you to have access to Promagnum's world of excellent online radio stations, gaming and digital media.  Individuals may use this product for free with a lower number of features, or have access to all content by choosing to make a one-time purchase of this software.  Enjoy access to worldwide television networks, high quality radio stations, music videos, and karaoke.  Search for music, form playlists, listen to the music charts, and much more.  Begin your free trial today with all the features!
Promagnum Support CD v2.0
This unique setup of support tools that ships with the sale of a complete computer system, provides the end-user with necessary resources to recover important programs and drivers.  It includes the user's operating system with many refined updates to guarantee the safe use of the internet.  Under rare circumstances, this software may be considered for retail sale.  You may ask a Promagnum consultant for more details.

Ezemption Web Hosting
Free web hosting with options to upgrade.  We offer 50 MB to all users who sign up, with many tools such as free website promotion, search engine submission, and form mail.  Read more...
Nintendo Emulation Suite 2005 - Discontinued
Soar to new heights of excitement with this collection of Nintendo games for multiple systems.  This limited edition product includes over 1000 games for NES, Super NES, and Nintendo 64.  It remains available while quantities last.  These games are engineered for play on a computer system.  A game controller offer is included with this product as the optional component.