Company Prepares for Official Launch of Web Hosting Service

The Promagnum Corporation proudly announces the arrival of free web hosting to the world on a date soon to be announced. (Date extended from April 24, 2006)  This new service is our chance to give back to the online community, and illustrate the importance of our company's history.  In the face of accomplishment, there are elements in our company's past that deserve mentioning.  Our achievements have been built upon early efforts that provided us a direction to focus our energies.  We would like to pay tribute to our ancestral companies, Ezemption Media Systems, and Promagnum Studio Enterprises.  Our strong corporate foundation has been made possible by our ability to uphold the most critical values set by our founders.  Our vision is to offer high quality services that people can trust, actively contribute to the community at large, and demonstrate the ability to be more effective then the competition.  We take pride with placing our customers as the number one priority while achieving this vision.

Ezemption Web Hosting was chosen as the unique name for our new web hosting service, with reference to our first founder, Ezemption Media Systems.  Users will receive 50 MB of web space, access to PHP script operations, complimentary site add-on features, script library access, and free website promotion.  1 GB bandwidth/month is allotted to each website, along with a user manager to handle files and other settings/tools.

Users who require more resources for their website, will be given the option to upgrade for a one-time (low) fee that is yet to be determined.  Additional resources would include 100 MB storage with 5 GB bandwidth/month, and full PHP access.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.  Please click here to return to our home page.