Discover new features in Microsoft Windows XP!

Windows XP Power Toys for Windows XP Professional and Home Edition

Windows XP Power Toys allows you to adjust locked configuration options in your copy of the operating system.  This release was developed by Microsoft, and is recommended by the Promagnum Corporation.

Basic Product Highlights

► New task switching screen for the operating system that fits the new XP style
The ability to change the way shortcuts display in folders and on your desktop
An alternate calculator program for Windows that features graphing functions
Customize hidden settings inside popular programs and features of Windows

Download Windows XP Power Toys

Important Notice: The Promagnum Corporation will not be held liable for any unsuccessful installations of this tool for Windows XP.  By downloading and installing this tool from our website, you confirm your acceptance of such a condition.  Also, this download requires the WinZip tool which can be found here.

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